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Strategic Analysis

"If you don't know where you are going, any road will do" is a risky philosophy in business. To be effective, all companies must address three fundamental questions:
  1. Where have we been?
  2. Where are we now?
  3. Where are we going?

Using advanced research methods, we can help your company address these issues and more.

Strategic Performance Assessment
Trying to determine where the most opportunity for improving the performance of your company lies? Where should you direct your efforts to have the greatest impact? Concerned that your organization has lost its focus? These questions can be answered by combining advanced qualitative and quantitative research methods to interpret complex perceptions within your organization.

Primary Benefits:
Improves degree of fit between the client's mission, strategy, values, and daily operations. Assists the client in focusing limited resources on the areas that matter most for long-term performance.

Data Requirements:
Requires one two-three hour group session with a representative sample of organization members. Individual interviews with internal staff and the completion of an online survey are also necessary.

Guaranteed Recommendations:
There is no charge to the client if no recommendations can be made based on available data.

Current Fees (US$):
Negotiated on a project basis. No fees are due until after a written report and recommendations are presented. This acts as a no-risk guarantee and assures client satisfaction before any fees are paid.


For more information contact:

Rod Hagedorn, MBA, MS, DMgt
Senior Partner & General Manager

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