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Our Model

To effectively compete in today's marketplace, your company must evolve into a "learning organization"--one that continuously adapts to an ever-changing and increasingly competitive environment. Our model guides organizations through this process using a customized approach combining facilitated sensemaking, appreciative inquiry, and mixed methods research. All our services, to varying degrees, use this methodology.

Facilitated Sensemaking
The core of our consulting approach is based on helping clients solve their own problems. We do this by enabling insight at both a group and individual level. This is quite different than the often typical "guru" consulting approach which usually only results in recommendations. Our approach results in organizational ownership of problems and solutions with dramatic outcomes.

Appreciative Inquiry
Our model brings out the best in organizations by incorporating a process of appreciative inquiry. Based on David Cooperrider's original research at Case Western Reserve University, we utilize a pragmatic approach which emphasizes the “best of what is”, “what could be”, “what should be”, and “how to”.

Mixed Methods Research
A mix of both qualitative and quantitative data is collected and analyzed to both support and inform all consulting projects. Most projects require a heavier emphasis on either qualitative or quantitative data, depending on several variables and desired outcomes.


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