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Cost Containment

Costs are an important element in the profit equation. Experience has shown that costs usually increase at a faster rate than revenues--putting a squeeze on the bottom-line. Effective cost management can have a substantial impact on profitability. In fact, for a company with a five percent profit margin, just a $50,000 reduction in overhead would require a $1 million increase in revenues to have the same impact on profitability. A thorough cost analysis can target waste and financial inefficiencies and help your company improve its financial performance.

SG&A Expense Audit
Offered on a contingency basis, an advanced historical cost analysis is performed of your company's selling, general, and administrative expenses. Over time, many companies suffer from "cost creep"--even though they may think costs are under control. This analysis will pinpoint excess costs down to general ledger line-item detail.

Primary Benefits:
Pinpoints, down to general ledger line-item detail, areas of financial waste and inefficiencies. Very useful for targeting areas that are candidates for cost containment. Recommended as a starting point for business performance improvement and an excellent stand-alone service for clients with limited budgets.

Data Requirements:
Requires 1) the most recent five years of general ledger expense accounts year-end detail and 2) the most recent five years of year-end revenue totals. Interviews with internal staff are also necessary.

Guaranteed Recommendations:
There is no charge to the client if no recommendations can be made based on available data.

Current Fees (US$):
Fees are billed based on a percentage of the estimated first-year cost savings from final recommendations approved and accepted by the client. No fees are due until after a written report and recommendations are presented. This acts as a no-risk guarantee and assures client satisfaction before any fees are paid.


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