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New Ventures

Have an idea? Thinking of starting or expanding a business? Wondering if there are any consulting firms that can assist? Let us give you candid and objective feedback on your business plan.

Business Plan Review
There are lots of software programs on the market today that can help you write a business plan. But how many can evaluate your odds of success? There are also many services available that claim to write business plans for you from scratch. But can they effectively capture and articulate your vision? Unlikely. That is why we take a different approach. You do your best to draft the plan; we review and critique it.

Before committing your time and money to a business idea that may or may not succeed, let our team of professionals evaluate your business plan draft. We can help you determine if you've considered all the variables and covered every possible contingency.

Primary Benefits:
Our objective, third-party perspective can help you move forward with the confidence in knowing that your business plan has received a professional second opinion.

Data Requirements:
Business plan draft, and availability for follow-up conference calls or other meetings as needed.

Guaranteed Recommendations:
There is no charge to the client if no recommendations can be made based on available data and information.

Current Fees (US$):
Negotiated on a per plan basis, depending on the scope and size of your business plan draft. No fees are due until after a written report and recommendations are presented. This acts as a no-risk guarantee and assures client satisfaction before any fees are paid.


For more information contact:

Rod Hagedorn, MBA, MS, DMgt
Senior Partner & General Manager

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Phone: 651-295-7732
Fax: 952-736-9599

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100 South Fifth Street, 19th Floor Minneapolis, MN 55402

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